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beta 10611


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Unusually EAM didn't do a restart of itself after the autoupdate of new beta after boot this morning.

Logs and screenie attached.

I would never have known about the needed restart if I hadn't looked at the logs. I know that restart box is only shown for 20 seconds but how are people supposed to know if they don't read Forensics?



Screenshot 2020-12-25 050014.jpg


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That's not good...   My forensic log shows the same thing - a restart needed message about 8.30pm last night, but the main GUI shows I'm still running 10579.

Something odd did happen last night - very briefly I got a notification from the (Win 8.1) Security Centre saying that neither Defender nor EAM were active, but the message went away and when I checked the EAM GUI, it appeared to be running.  It must have been about then.  Looking at the event logs I see a bunch of entries saying the "start type" of a Windows Defender service was changed around then - maybe WD was being started to fill in some sort of gap in protection?  I see consecutively:

The start type of the Windows Defender Service service was changed from demand start to auto start.

The start type of the Windows Defender Mini-Filter Driver service was changed from demand start to boot start.

File System Filter 'WdFilter' (10.0, ‎2016‎-‎11‎-‎15T04:52:54.000000000Z) has successfully loaded and registered with Filter Manager.

but then they're reversed again, so maybe that was normal?


I definitely did not get a notification saying that a restart was needed.  The security centre red flag and its notification was the first I knew that something was happening.


This seems to be the same problem as reported at: https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/34361-update-to-202012110579-application-restart-problem/

Should the newest beta update have worked, or was it not expected to install properly?



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Just before shutting down and doing a cold/full reboot, I noticed that EAM's main GUI was saying "Last update: 16 hrs ago" so I suppose eventually it would have told me things were out of data and I'd have looked at why.  That's the only positive about this.

After reboot, EAM says it's running the new Beta and is uptodate again.

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8 hours ago, JeremyNicoll said:


@Frank H  - that's a surprising comment from an employee of a privacy-focussed company.  I'm older (and maybe grumpier)...

It's not a problem Jeremy.

It's a joke between us. He was being kind.

I am much older than that unfortunately  :)


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