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Beta 10611 system hang


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W8.1 EAM 2021.1.0.10611

I know this beta has been superseded, but 10611 hung my machine on the 3rd.  I'm not sure whether to complain here or in the main forum.

The underlying problem is not new; this happens every so often.  I run a script (I've versions in two languages) which in turn runs a VBS script which uses

set objShell = CreateObject("shell.application")

to open a File Explorer view of a folder.  The process (one script calls another which attempts this) executes many tens of time every day, for a huge variety of different folders, but sometimes it causes a "suspicious activity" alert.  That's fine, I don't mind that, though it's puzzling why it only does so occasionally.  But when the alert is displayed, it has no clickable icons on it, apart from an "X" at the top righthand corner.  As soon as I take the mouse pointer over the alert pane, it changes to an eggtimer.  (I presume the task that displays the pane is stuck in logic meant to display the buttons that one could theoretically click on?)

I've been told by @GT500 that my "one script calls another" is somehow the cause of the problem, but I don't see why (a) one script calling another is so unusual, or (b) why the cause of the alert being triggered matters.  Surely the logic that displays an alert should take over subsequently?  If it's trying to discern something about the trigger so it can sensibly populate the alert's buttons, then it's overdue for a change that has an "if I can't tell why I was triggered then continue with default allow/stop buttons" so the user can interact with it.

I did force a full system dump.  Do you want it?   I don't have debug logs.

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4 hours ago, JeremyNicoll said:

As soon as I take the mouse pointer over the alert pane, it changes to an eggtimer.

2021.1.0.1066 never was a stable release, so better post beta related issues in this form.

Just to confirm: Does it popup an alert window or a notification  ?

I assume it's a notification and what happens when you let it close by itself, by not moving the mouse over it ?

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The problem has been happening for years; I really don't think it's unique to this beta, but because it was a beta I still felt I should post here.

It's definitely a notification pane.  I've sometimes tried to screenshot it; usually what happens then is that although I'm able to start a graphics app (in my case IrfanView) I am unable to save the pasted-in image.  I can normally do a few things before the system is completely stiffed (eg look-up the keyboard code I use to force a manual BSOD to get the full dump, because I don't do this often enough to remember it - it's non-standard because my keyboard doesn't have the Scroll Lock key that's usually used for this).  But rapidly things get worse ...

I don't know what happens when it times out because I run the system with notifications visible for 999 seconds, so that even if I'm away from the pc when a problem happens I maximise the chance of my coming back and seeing it before the system does whatever it'd choose to do next.


I might be able to recreate this situation.  Because the VBS script executes lots of times per day it's not usually clear under which circumstances EAM thinks what it does is suspicious - and maybe that changes anyway as you people tweak the BB code.  But /this/ time it was trying to open "C:\Users\<myuserid>\Downloads", which it's managed loads of times before.  /This/ time though, I'd just turned on a Dropbox feature for continual backup of various user folders, including that one.  The way's that's done (which the Dropbox preference does not tell you before it does it) is to move the \Downloads folder to a new home inside a machine-specific subdirectory of the user's Dropbox: "C:\Dropbox\My PC (<mypcname>)\Download" and then define a filing system reparse point (aka Junction) in the old location.  So I'd guess that the BB thinks opening a folder view via a Junction is suspicious, since it can't be that it thinks opening \Downloads is (normally) suspicious.  After I rebooted after the dump, I worked around this by altering the initial scripts that call the VBS script so that they directly ask to open the new folder location in Dropbox, not the old one where the Junction is.  I could temporarily reverse my code change and let it try to open via the Junction again, I suppose.

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No, I've not defined any exclusions.  Why should I?   Having a script ask the OS to open a File Explorer view of a folder is not a security risk ... and the fact that almost all the times that that script runs, the BB does not think there's an issue confirms that.

Even then, I'd rather have the BB occasionally flag some action that it thinks is iffy, than not have the BB keeping an eye on what scripts are doing. 

So, it's not so much the notification I object to, as the fact that the system then hangs.  Surely /any/ notification, no matter what for, should not cause a hang?

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