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Fileless Malware

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I was searching forum for this and ran into some posts by @Fabian Wosar in most clearest possible way admitting that Emsisoft won't protect users from Fileless infections, is that still the same?
Check the posts:


"We will see the actions taking place, but since they are performed by a trusted process we will allow them to go through without notice." said Fabian.
So is the BB smarter now? or this still the case with Emsisoft? can we change that through settings? maybe uncheck this? 

I mean this is honestly disappointing to have a protection that just look how you get infected by this kind of malware and do nothing..

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The posts you found are more than 5 years old. In terms of security software that means the information there is severely outdated. In the past years considerable changes have been made to our products and currently Emsisoft Anti-Malware protects against fileless malware.

Fileless malware detection has nothing to do with the reputation settings you asked about; our behavior blocker routines were adapted to adequately detect and block fileless malware a few years ago.


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