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Just started trial of Kabuto RMM, and put the client + Emsisoft AV on. few machines. I went ahead and changed the plan on each machine to 'free' with no AV - so I wouldn't get charged.

Turns out nearly 4 hours later, both machines still have Emsisoft Enterprise activated, when I would think by now they should be deactivated. Is there a certain amount of time it'll take for the antivirus to deactivate? It's a hassle to manually uninstall from each node, but I don't want illegitimate software or trouble either.

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It won't continue to run with real-time protection once the trial license has expired.

Normally our software would automatically downgrade to freeware mode once the trial license has expired, however I don't think the Enterprise Security licensing allows for running in freeware mode. I'll ask QA to verify.

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QA let me know that "free with no AV" in Kabuto means "uninstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware", so please allow me to apologize for that mistake.

I've also been told that Kabuto runs scheduled tasks once every couple of hours or so, and so it may take some time for Emsisoft Anti-Malware to be uninstalled.

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