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Quarantine in beta 10677

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I have quite a few different types of eicar files that I keep in downloads so I can test EAM scanner.

I always have EAM set to ALERT so that I can see in Forensic logs what they found.

Today I was copying my pics and docs (including downloads) onto a memory stick as an additional backup along side Macrium.

EAM quarantined 2 of the items... why?

The other 2 eicar were left in downloads and copied over to the memory stick. (they were zip files)


Screenshot 2021-02-07 155551.jpg

Screenshot 2021-02-07 155716.jpg

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14 hours ago, stapp said:

s it expected behaviour for 'copy' to quarantine something even when I just have 'alert' as my preferred choice ?

Nope, an alert should popup if you have set that  ,see screenshot. why that didn't happen? no idea. maybe you could try again.



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