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Unable to update virus definitions

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Running into an issue with updating Emsisoft Command line scanner. Rebooting the pc does not seem to help. This seems to happen on multiple pcs. 

- Are there any tricks to get this to update?

OS: Windows 10 64bit Build 1909 or higher

C:\EmsisoftCmd>a2cmd.exe /update /s

Emsisoft Commandline Scanner v. 2019.10.0.9800
(C) 2003-2019 Emsisoft - www.emsisoft.com

Update start:     2/22/2021 10:54:47 AM

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Do you use Emsisoft Anti-Malware on the same computer?

Have you run a2cmd.exe with the /s parameter by itself to register the service first?

BTW: It may be necessary to put the /s parameter before all other parameters, however I would have to check with QA to know for certain if the order of the parameters is actually important.

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QA told me that the /s parameter isn't supposed to be necessary with the /u parameter, however at the same time the version of A2CMD that you have is old enough that the functionality has since changed. You may wish to simply download the latest version, manually stop the A2CMD service via services.msc (should be under "Emsisoft"), and then replace the older version you have with the latest version.

The latest version can be downloaded from the free trial buttons at the following link:

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