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System freezes when using Online Armor and Emsisoft Anti-Malware


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I have two computers. one running windows vista and another on windows 7. after installing the emsi products (anti-malware and online armor) BOTH computers freeze during some point of running internet explorer requiring a hard shutdown/restart. I've tried this two times now (installing, unistalling and reinstalling) they continue to freeze (not to mention how SLOW they make the computers run). I'm very disappointed in the performance considering how well the free version worked. I guess it is best to just run the free version when i feel the need rather than paying for the realtime monitoring. I'm going to switch back to McAfee. I never had hang ups, freezes or slow performace with their products. If someone has a fix for it in the next 24 hours, i'd consider staying with Emsi. Otherwise, gotta go.

Very disappointed for the money.


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Hi mattg150, welcome to the forum

You posted into a very old thread. That matter was solved and there were no complaints about any freezes since.

It is always recommended to create a new separate thread and provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2)

In addition please state whether you have any additional security with real-time residents in place now or the one that was uninstalled (in addition to the OA mentioned ... what version as a matter of fact?)

In most cases improper uninstallation of the security Software can cause a lot of issues irrespectively regarding the new one being installed.

That is a common mistake made by many users

My regards

P.S. have you disabled native Windows Firewall?

If you have any other security in place and do not want to uninstall it - disable all completely (hope you know how to do that properly... if not - ask);

Reboot prior to uninstalling/installing current version of EAM;

Test it -it must work perfectly;

Then enable back whatever is necessary and make mutual exclusions

You will not have any issues; no performance degradation whatsoever; etc.

EAM stable and beta were tested on XP Pro 32 bit ; Vista 32 bit ; Win 7 32bit & x64

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Make sure you exclude EAM in Online Armor exclusions, and exclude OA in EAM.

Reboot and see if all is well then.

... and vice versa

...Then enable back whatever is necessary and make mutual exclusions...

including proper uninstall and/or proper disabling any additional security as pointed above

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