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Deleting Imported Hosts File

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I was thinking of adding the MVPS Hosts file to Host Rules. Is there an easy way to delete it or replace it when a new update is released. I recall trying it once before and it was fairly difficult (time consuming) using the delete and enter keys to remove it.

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Hi G11, welcome to the forum

1st, as far as I am concerned (after testing) that's still very inconvenient to manage and edit added hosts especially when whole file(s) was imported.

But the main message would be - that is not recommended to merge two big hosts files for many reasons.

You may be interested in reading this recent discussion

a side note: As it stands at the moment I would rather leave hpHosts management to EAM as is (sure it is possible to add not many new entries),

... but If you want to have additional MVPS you can manage it separately, say with HostsMan. Keep in mind though there could be duplicates, and other disadvantages re: performance/slower browsing etc.

Consider using DNS services as suggested - that's much better choice and more flexible in many cases in terms of customizing

My regards

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If successive releases of the MVPS hosts file were imported will the new entries be the only ones that are added to the database?

I also wonder if it is possible to clear the database. This might be useful, for example, when addresses are removed from the MVPS hosts file. Can this be done, forcing EAM to download the HPHosts data again, and then you can simply import the latest MVPS hosts file?

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