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Unclear problem with Windows Services

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Hello all!

Recently (yesterday) this misunderstanding appeared ...

It is due to the fact that in the Windows Services management console these services (usually arranged in alphabetical order from top to bottom) are now suddenly arranged randomly, not alphabetically!

Reboot doesn't help. sfc / scannow - everything is ok.

However, I noticed that if you manually start any service (for example, O&O Defrag) - all services are installed on their own in the usual way ...

However, after closing the console window and reopening it, again all services seem to be mixed up, out of order ...

In this case, the computer is working properly.

Tell me, please, what could be the matter here? what was violated?

You see on the first screen - at the end of the list of services, as expected, BITS, Windows Update Center, EFS.

But here is the second screen - when all services are located arbitrarily and at the end of the list - you see completely different services ..
I am generally shocked by this situation!
Sorry, screenshots are in Russian, but I think they are clear?



2021-03-07 10_36_06-Службы.jpg

2021-03-07 10_36_21-Службы.jpg

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Thank you so much STAPP!

You were absolutely right with pressing NAME.

This I, a fool, could not immediately figure out - the difficulties of the language and my lack of intelligence and some kind of panic)



2021-03-07 19_41_39-Unclear problem with Windows Services - Malware and Computer Security - Emsisoft.jpg

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The display is like lots of others in Windows ... a table of data sorted by a particular column.  In your first screenshot the sort indicator (the small grey triangle) is in the title area of the second column, and points up.  That means the display is sorted by what's in column 2, in ascending order... which is why its contents start with the empty lines, then things whose names start with A then B then C...

It could have been more perplexing if the sort column was one that was scrolled off to the righthand side ... if the overall window had not been dragged so large.  Then you wouldn't have been able to see the upward/downward-pointing grey triangle above the sort column.  But, in that case, you would have been able to tell from the horizontal scroll bar that there was data further to the right.

If you're not already aware of it, you can also change the order in which columns are displayed by dragging the column titles to one side or the other, as well as via the View menu's options.

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