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Just a suggestion for you to consider.

Like other users I have had 'trouble' with the number of popups that appear during software installations, even after selecting 'Install Mode'.

So my suggestion is for OA to offer the user the option to enter Learning Mode after it detects say 5 'popups' in quick succession.

A prompt could say something like 'Online Armor has detected that you are installing software - if you are sure you trust this software you can enter Learning Mode to prevent these popups. Learning Mode will be enabled for the next 5 minutes'.... something like that anyway.

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One thing to keep in mind is that any malware on your system while in Learning Mode will automatically be allowed to run and ignored by Online Armor (Online Armor Online Help). So you must be sure that your system is "clean" before enabling Learning Mode.

It is something that should be handled with extreme care IMHO.



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I agree with Nick on this.

Learning Mode is not something you activate all the time just to avoid reading prompts.

The whole point of running a HIPS is to be made aware of changes done to your system, and OA is already doing a good job on keeping prompts on a minimum.

Especially if you remember to tick Install Mode.

The only thing i have ever used Learning Mode for, is a couple of installations that needed it active during reboot.

But have never needed it during the installation itself.


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