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a2service.exe Error


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After today's update (2011.02.11), service a2service.exe (from it) was not work, in particular, a2cmd.exe can not verify the folder with the following parameters:

a2cmd.exe C:\test /s

program hangs and does not show anything.

What's the problem?

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Hi Ivan, welcome to the forum

It's working perfectly.

Please use /F="any folder" /s

(quotes needed if blanks are included in folder's name)

My regards

P.S. moreover, in my case since Mamutu's Paranoid mode is set it fired up the alert about a2service.exe and a2cmd.exe that has to be confirmed ("Allowed")

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Thanks for the reply, Ivan

1st, that indeed can work without /f but it's always recommended to include full explicit paths as suggested above

Then, I tested all on XP as well including the update with and without the /S[erver]

Below are some images (I saved 1st one, which wasn't posted in my previous reply)

{added} Just in case, can you tell where you running Command Line Scanner (CLS) from

- the main EAM directory;

- EEK (USB stick)

- or as a separately downloaded/unzipped CLS

My regards





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Thanks again for the reply, Ivan

1st, as it was pointed above it can work without "/F"

That's good that you answered my question and confirmed that "separately downloaded/unzipped CLS"

In the past it was a discussion about "/S" and it seems to me that all related issues found at that time were fixed

I'll re-test the new "separate CLS" and report back later.


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I'm back ... having some troubles with image hosting sites :blink:


Hi again, Ivan

I may say, there are few bugs indeed.

That was not a big deal to reproduce a scenario with a "separate CLS"

- I created the folders & even named'em the way you did;

- I disabled all security in place;

Do not pay attention to some AVG stuff - those are inactive - that is important. At this point it was useless to fight AVG's self-protection

see image #1 "nothing is running", nothing is interfering.

- I copied ~>3000 files into C:\Test folder (clean files);

- in addition copied several files, which have to be flagged by EAM and by CLS;

- The update went fine as you can see;

- the scan went fine without any hanging compare to what you were reporting See images #2 & #3

... but!...

1) the service was not invoked. It was NOT involved whatsoever!;

2) not all files were flagged - that is the most disturbing stuff!!! They are flagged as soon as I would reenable EAM again;

See image #4 those highlighted had to be detected as well by CLS

3) problem is - either CLS (irrespectively where it's unzipped) or EAM are still relying on the fact that the a2service.exe has to be in - see image #5

If the developers want the whole scenario, I can reproduce it

Finally, at this point

- I can confirm that there is no hanging at all;

- but... CLS /S[ervice] and detection by CLS are completely out of shape again

I'm sure that will be addressed & fixed


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