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eppwfp.sys bluescreen

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Running Win 10 Pro Emsisoft version 2021.4.0.10785  Running  Malwarebytes  Everything is updated to latest  version. I did get KB4023057 yesterday also, but haven't looked what it does.

Which I will do now. Would not surprise me if it screwed something up. Can't fill in the times though.

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Deleting dmp files is not hugely sensible as it means you can't send them to Emsisoft for them to look at.  Having said that, the level of detail in such a dmp depends (at least in earlier versions of Windows) on how you've configured the system.  At the very least you need to dig into the eventlogs to find out what they show as the symptoms of the dump, and when it happened and anything significant that happened in the minutes leading up to that. 

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15 hours ago, Ken1943 said:

What is the file upload service you use ?

WeTransfer has a reasonably high limit on file sizes (used to be 2GB, but may have been increased). Make sure to password protect anything you upload to them though, as they are known for having had a security breach in the past. You can send me the password in a private message along with the download link.

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BTW: I'm being told that the BSoD issue may be caused by another WFP driver on your system. FRST logs may help us determine if this may be the case. You can find instructions for downloading and running FRST at the following link:

Note: When FRST checks the Windows Firewall settings, Emsisoft Anti-Malware's Behavior Blocker will quarantine it automatically. This can be avoided by clicking "Wait, I think this is safe" in the notification that is displayed while FRST is scanning.

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