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Hi Jack421,

1st, please read the Rules of the Malware Removal section very carefully and follow them step-by-step


compare to what you double-posted into http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3615-taskkiller/

Read what's written about attaching HiJacks' reports because that's useless unless requested by the malware fighter

& do not run any additional Tools that you just "picked up out there"

Plus all reports are more than weak old including the last update of EAM (2/10/2011)

My regards

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I sent PM to you stapp

The link was edited here (thanks) - it was just a simple mistake (my bad)

Anyways, ShadowPuterDude replied the next morning after my post here & the user (Jac421) was definitely reading both threads - no questions about that

.. but did not reply yet

Let's hope the matter is (will be?) solved since the "skull and bones" Task Killer isn't malicious


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