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Emsisoft updating after I started Windows shutdown

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Yesterday I shut down my PC as usual, shut down the monitor and went away. This morning I discovered that my PC has been running whole night.
So I checked out the event log and noticed that after I initiated the shutdown, Emsisoft started the update procedure

Date              Time        Event     Source                 Description .
07-05-2021  16:59:21  1074      User32                 The process Explorer.EXE has initiated the shutdown of computer DESKTOP...etc.
07-05-2021  16:59:22     15       SecurityCenter    Updated Emsisoft Anti-Malware status successfully to SECURITY_PRODUCT_STATE_ON.


Followed by quite a number of 'Errors' : the usual eppcom64.dll that did not meet the XX signing level requirements
and ended with:

Date                Time         Event     Source     Description 
07-05-2021    17:01:02    1073     User32    The attempt by user DESKTOP-K5IEMOI\<USER> to restart/shutdown computer DESKTOP-K5IEMOI failed

I needed to log on (normally this is not the case, I have disabled having to enter my password. I am the only user, so, no password, I get the desktop straightaway.

After entering my password I got a blank screen, remained blank for half an hour, so I rebooted. Then the logon screen showed two user names, left bottom corner.
Managed to get in. 

I just wonder, could it be that updating -after- initiating the shutdown could have posed these problems?



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On 5/8/2021 at 4:16 AM, emwul64 said:

I just wonder, could it be that updating -after- initiating the shutdown could have posed these problems?

If a program does not respond when Windows is trying to shut down, Windows will abort the shutdown process after about a minute or so, and will try to go back to the desktop to give you a chance to close the program and try to shut the computer down again. What Windows shows on the desktop will generally depend on how services and drivers had been stopped before this happens. Technically Emsisoft Anti-Malware shouldn't interfere with this process, however since it was in the middle of updating its database it may have been using a higher than usual amount of CPU time which could have caused other things to time out while Windows was trying to load the desktop.

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Thanks for the explanation. Probably a one-off glitch or something. Windows does respond a peculiar way sometimes. Actually shutting down never goes wrong so far, so I don't wait: start the shut down - shut off the monitor and just walk away.
Nowadays I wait...🙂

Best regards

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