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Mamutu not starting

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A few days ago i decided to install Mamutu since i got a license for it.

Then i started to notice that Mamutu sometimes takes up to 5 mins to start or sometimes it never starts until i open it from "Start Menu". (It seems random)

This seems kinda weird because it means that i'm actually unprotected during that period of time and when it doesn't starts i'm unprotected the whole time.

Currently i don't HAVE ANY security software installed only Mamutu and have never installed any previous security related programs.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Service Pack v721 with all latest security updates

I've applied some security tweaks, DEP - SEHOP - EMET.

PS: When i started typing this thread Mamutu suddenly loaded after 4 minutes.



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Hi Noobie,

There could be problems when running both Software(s)

You may be interested and read the following thread regarding EMET ... and tweak EMET as suggested

Let's hope that the developers will add some info this time concerning running EMET alongside with EAM/Mamutu

My regards

p.s. Honestly I tested that very briefly on win7 x64 and did not encounter the issues you described, but EMET is not in use on a client's PC at the moment, so there could be newly introduced issues

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I kinda excluded the software between themselves and it still loads slow.

I excluded the .exe from EMET v2 in Mamutu and i unchecked all options from a2service.exe and Mamutu from EMET v2 (They weren't added before, but i had to add them to be able to uncheck everything).

So, this time it looks like it loaded in around 3-4 minutes but i do feel it was faster than before!

Still very slow but it's better :D

For now, i'll have to log off man, have some business to do xD

I'll be back in a few hours, thankies.

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