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A weird (debug-)logging problem, and perhaps a renewal problem too

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Win 8.1 64-bit, versions 2021.5.1.10958 and 2021.5.1.10989

Yesterday (while running) 2021.5.1.10958, I renewed my subscription.  As you know I nearly always have debug-logging active, and it was before, during and after the renewal.  I normally stop & restart logging a couple of times per day and anually throw away older logs.  Late last night I noticed that the a2guard debug log, which is typically around 4-10 MB per day, had logged about 100 MB in that period.  Looking more closely I see that the excessive logging started (I think) around an hour after I renewed, which is perhaps the time that the new licence terms arrived on my machine.

Ah ... looking back (now) at the forensic log I see a message which I did not see in person; I think I was asleep for quite a lot of yesterday.  The log message says

   25/05/2021 13:31:51  A notification message "Please re-authenticate this device with our Emsisoft user account to connect to your MyEmsisoft workspace.Learn more" has been shown

I have no idea what that means.  I paid my money, and (later) noticed via the GUI that my licence had been updated - or changed anyway as the #days until expiry count had been replaced by the "active subscription" status text.   CLEARLY the licence change info HAD reached my machine.  Why would I need to do anything else?   And if I did need to, why isn't some similar notification being displayed today?


The machine updated to version 2021.5.1.10989 at 19:06 but the (new) a2guard log following that is also very large. 

I routinely stopped and restarted debug logging a few seconds after midnight (ie early on the 26th) and from then on logging seems to have gone back to the usual rate.


Does anyone want the debug logs for this period?  I realise that nearly no-one runs with logging on all the time, so it's not the huge log size that concerns me, more the implication that some logic had gone mad.  The logs look as if there's a countdown (for what, though?) or timeout being checked over and over and over again, which probably wasted lots of cpu.  I must have been oblivious of that...


And what does that notification mean, in plain English?


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Let us hope Jeremy that signing in to the online Management Console does not become a mandatory requirement of use for single users.

As a single user I do not see a need or point in going online to see what my machine has done, or is doing, when the machine is in front of me.


The issue in your post is indeed an odd one, hopefully @Frank H or @GT500 will be able to sort it out.

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@stapp  - I couldn't agree more!  And even though I've got more than one pc licenced now (none of the extras set up yet - part of a careful migration to Win 10) they're all always going to be in front of me.  For me, there's a heap of manual system maintenance things I do on each machine, and even if an online console made EAM-stuff simpler it'd not help for the other things, so there's no appeal for me.  I do see that in some corporate cases it might help, though. 

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