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Browser Security question

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So my question is about this case ( Remove site from blacklist - False positives - Emsisoft Support Forums ) which @Elise is handling right now, but there were differenet cases like this i ran into in the past.
the Q is why Emsisoft just not block the Website itself in the first place if it's hosting malicious content? 
like the site is not blocked itself


but as Elise mentioned there are multiple malicious content that it's hosting them and she gave us an example 


the site is obviously not safe and can marked as harmful ( which is not the case here since Emsisoft is not offering a search advisor for example like Bitdefender or Norton one ) but that's how they work right? if a site host some malicous content, site is blocked. not just the exact malicious content, so in that way user at least find out that there are some malicious content in the website. but with the way Emsisoft working right now, well if i was a user browsing this website i had no idea that it is hosting some malicious content somewhere in it. i assumed it's a safe/trusted website.

hope you get my point.

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There is a difference between the Web Protection in Emsisoft Anti-Malware and the browser extension. If we're talking about the Web Protection, then we either block the entire domain or not. The browser extension can be a bit more nuanced in this respect due to the way it works. That means for example, if someone uploads a phishing page to an otherwise legitimate hoster, we won't block the entire domain, which is a good thing if you consider that for example Dropbox or Amazon AWS are used as well for that.

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