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Bing hijack ?

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PC, Windows 10, Edge Chrome .
I have Google as my Home Page and default search engine.
In the last 2 days Bing is over riding Google.
The settings are still set as Google default and I have even "deleted" Bing from my possible search engines, but I can't stop Bing taking over.
I have just run an Emsisoft Malware Scan and it hasn't found anything.

Any (not too technical ) suggestions, please ? 



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Additional info, I downloaded Malwarebytes and initiated a full scan, that found nothing either.

Bing's behaviour is continuing and my pop up blocker is showing large numbers of pop up attempts on almost every page.
Thing get back to normal when I search via Google. 

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Others are complaining also. MS made a very bad change in latest update. I use Chrome as my main and had Edge as one of my backups. Don't know if MS will get my nasty email, but removed Edge shortcut from my desktop. I also have FireFox and WaterFox shortcuts.

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Thanks for the information, its much appreciated.
I was concerned that I had some sort of "browser hacker", as that was the only option I found after searching Google.

Hopefully Microsoft will correct their wrong doings as I quite like Edge.

Would moving to Google Chrome as a browser stop Bing's intrusions ?

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This morning I have just realised, that after getting the Microsoft popup asking me to use my recommended browser settings and choosing not to, Bing seems to have stopped taking over Google.
Google is appearing as my Home Page and default Search engine, Bing only appears if I have Google open and select a New Tab (as usual ).
Perhaps Microsoft have relented, or I am just lucky.

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