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occasional 20 minute startup


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Does anyone else have this problem, that occasionally it takes 20 minutes or more after I log into Windows before my programs loaded at startup actually get loaded? The startup process gets as far as the Online Armor icon appearing in the system tray, then the computer behaves as if it is totally hung for 20 minutes or so, then suddenly it clear through and my email client starts up.

I used to blame this on AVG antivirus but not anymore... I temporarily uninstalled and reinstalled OA because, following a Windows crash, the computer totally hung when I tried to delete the minidump. So I uninstalled in safe mode, tried out a VERY old firewall that I had lying around, but decided I'd better reinstall, and bang, 20 minute bootup again.

I am running Windows XP Pro with all updates, AVG 9 antivirus (uninstalled 10, it was a mess), and the computer is a Dell laptop with 2g of RAM, a 160g hard drive, and something like a 2.0 chip. Is there occasionally a very large update done at startup, or something, that would explain this? The network connections are enabled and I can see traffic on the connection, but the hard drive does not appear to be grinding away.

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