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My files got encrypted with .mppq extension

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Error: No key for New Variant online ID: IjnPRB1X5szUJ5isnBDO1WQ8k4RiOxoazGkOROTH
Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible


This is the ID :-


Please help. i have my personal files in external hard disk.

Can i restore to a point (7-June-2021) where my files were not infected for the external hard disk.

I want to restore my external hard disk state to a previous point when the Ransomeware did not attacked.

I am not talking about C drive because i did restore c drive and i did not get any encryption in c drive. my Windows drive is safe and i scanned and deleted every virus from the C drive but most of my external hard disk partitions got encrypted and y personal data was there.

Please help. And tell me how can i know that when will the Ransomeware ID will go offline because its still online so decrypt not possible.

If i keep my encrypted data safe, i hope after some time the id will go offline and i can decrypt my personal data? answer this please.


wallpaper-1967807.jpg.mppq _readme.txt

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long explanation
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