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emsisoft Mobile security simplified Chinese language support

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Actually, I know that emsisoft Mobile security comes from bitdefender, which is a good solution, but since 2014 I have been sending emails asking when to add simplified Chinese, and I haven’t responded until now. 

In fact, bitdefender has a very good reputation in China. Bitdefender does not provide simplified Chinese, Chinese agents have translated PC security by themselves, but they have not translated it for mobile security. I think emsisoft Mobile security might be a good choice if you can add simplified Chinese.

I just found a few problems

1. After the installation is complete, I can only log in with my google account rather than myemsisoft . I think it should be an old problem in the forum, of course, I just mentioned once.

2. For account privacy, it is still BitDefender attachment in the email verification, which feels not very good.  And if the email is not verified, click not now, and the overview still prompts insecure many times, and it prompts safe when a small part

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Hello, and thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately we have no development control over Emsisoft Mobile Security, being a fully licensed redistribution of Bitdefender Mobile Security. I would communicate with Bitdefender to see if they'll listen. If you use your Google account to create your MyEmsisoft account, that will allow you to use both for the same purpose, achieving your second goal.

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