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Can't delete files from quarantine

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Dear support,

Lately I had some false positives on my machine. I send the files to be reviewed and reinstalled the software, this time being alert enough to tell EAM to not quarantine the files. I recieve word back that the files were indeed clean and everything seemed fine. Except that EAM asks me multiple times a day whether I want to put the files back. 'No' is not an option. I figured that if I emptied the quarantine EAM would stop offering it's suggestions. Then I found out that the 'delete' ('verwijder') button refused to activate and thus does not respond to my requests to remove the files from quarantine. This is after enabling admin-mode EAM. How can I remove the files from quarantine?



System info:

-Emsisoft anti-malware

- version 2021.7.0.11059

- Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit

-version 20H2

- build 19042.1052

- other security software:

    - OSArmor 1.4.3

   - pumpernickel (entire emsisoft folder exempt from all restrictions)

    - memprotect (entire emsisoft folder exempt from all restriction)

   - malwarebytes windows firewall control

   - anti-exploit via windows defender

   - does hard_configurator count? (no SRP)

  - some browser hardening stuff (for example Emsisoft browser security)


step by step:

-boot computer

-log in as user or administrator (hasn't mattered so far)

- open Emsisoft anti-malware

- click on the square with the circle in it to open the quarantine view

-click on a file in the quarantine view to select it

- click on 'verwijderen'/'delete'

- enter password to enter admin mode, click OK

- click on the file again to select it.

- furiously but fruitlessly click on 'verwijderen'/'delete'.






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Also, the reason you're being asked several times per day is probably because you have "Settings - Advanced - Quarantine re-scan after updates"  turned on.  That is, every time EAM gets new signatures it rechecks if quarantined items have changed status.

I don't know why you're not able to say "no" to the re-scan question, but turning off the re-scan might help.

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