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Help! the decryptor works but not on all files

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4 hours ago, OussamaEL said:


so I used STOP Djvu to decrypt my files and it worked very well although it left some files encrypted and I dont know why !

Thank you for the support.

The decrypter would have given you a reason. What did it report on the files it wouldn't decrypt?

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2 hours ago, OussamaEL said:

Nothing really!! it says starting... and then finished! 
thats all.
Here is a photo of of the result given for the folder I added to the decryptor.

Thank you again for your help.




This is the type of response that the decrypter gives when it doesn't find any encrypted files.


All I can suggest is to copy perhaps 5 of the files that were not decrypted into a test folder, and run the decrypter on just that folder (as you did on another folder above). If you still get the same result, one of the experts here will have to work on this. What happens if you remove the iqll extension from one of these files? Is it accessible? (Just a thought). in some cases the ransomware burps and just adds the extension without encrypting the file.

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I tried to copy 5 o fthe files into a testfolder... but it didn't work.

I also tried removing the iqll extention from the files but when I open them they are empty.

those files have 0kb size so i guess somehow the content got erased!.

those files are not super important so It's okey..

Thank you for your time and help.

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