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Syncro & Emsisoft Scan Priority

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Good day,
Our company uses Syncro Emsisoft integration for client antivirus solutions.
I was wondering if it will be possible to change the scan setting Reduced priority for improved multitasking remotely via script, cmd, or changing a setting file?

Any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @pixel746 excuse me for the delayed response.
As Syncro supports a limited seat of features, this currently is not possible.

The most simple way is to connect your devices to a workspace where you can manage all Emsisoft settings.

Please note that you have to set the Syncro policy to 'Emsisoft managed'. Syncro then won't touch any settings and you can manage all settings in Emsisoft Cloud Console

You can create and account at my.emsisoft.com and find the integration manual here:


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