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I read the manual but I can't crack the encryption

Or I am doing something wrong, I don't understand.

my computer is back to normal but I couldn't crack the encrypted files all my data is currently encrypted

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Hi  my system is also affected with this GUJD ransomware and i tray all methods and all tolls which show in youtube videos but still my files are not descript its not descript by any emsi software or any other software like steller data recovery, testdisk,media repair, shadow explorer becouse this virus deleted my all restore point history so if you get way pl. shred with me

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Hello @Glenda

You no longer need to search the Internet for methods of recovery, decryption and watch questionable video tutorials. This is all deception, persuasion to watch videos, and rubbish. Ignore their wrong steps, otherwise, you may lose your files permanently.

You have already found the only site (forum) where there is a decryption guide and the Emsisoft Decryptor. You don't need to pay money. All help and decryption are provided free of charge by the Decryptor developer and Emsisoft company. And I'm here with my magnifying glass. :)

After you read the Guide, you will understand that files can be decrypted, but if you have an 'offline ID'.
Determine this and tell me what your ID type is so I can advise you on the next correct step.

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7 hours ago, HARKIRAT said:



This is Offline ID. Therefore, decryption will become possible after the developers receive the key and add it to the Emsisoft Decryptor.

The key can be transferred by the one who buys it from the extortionists and voluntarily shares it.

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You have to wait for Happy Decryption Day. You can download the Emsisoft Decryptor once a week and check the decryption capability. There is no way we can speed up the onset of a happy day. It doesn't depend on me or on the Emsisoft company staff. 

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