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Malware :- DKOM.DoublePulser (A)

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@Jayesh W2

Double Pulsar is a memory resident infection using an exploit in Windows to get in. Because it is only memory resident, restarting the computer removes it. It will get infected again until Windows is updated properly while another computer with Double Pulsar is able to contact yours.

1. Restart the computer.

2. Check for Windows updates. Methods vary with the Windows version. Ask if you do not know how to do this, or perform a Google search for "How to update Windows x", where x is the version of Windows your computer uses. 7, 8.1, and 10 are common versions.

3. Update the computer fully with all security and high priority Windows updates.

4. Restart the computer.

Return to step 2 until all security and high priority Windows updates are installed. Microsoft patched Windows for Double Pulsar in spring 2018 if I recall correctly.

It may take several update iterations to finish, with each iteration being update, restart, and check for updates again.

Once the machine is patched, the exploit Double Pulsar uses to get in will no longer be a problem. Please let us know if the computer still exhibits symptoms of malware after this is finished.

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