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Here we go again ... The reason that I quit using OA++ before and uninstalled it, was because it slowed down most of my applications, and when I bought a new computer, it didn't work on my 64 bit machine. Now, it has been updated to run with Win 7 (I run Win 7 Business Pro on a SYX SysteMax i7 with 12 G RAM, dual Radeon 5700 vid cards with CrossFire, because I figured that should handle anything that you could throw at it. WRONG! Since I re-purchased and installed OA++, everything has slowed down again. Most applications run fine ... I do a lot of high-end 3D graphics ... but when I go on the Internet, everything slows WAY down. Using my previous firewall (PCT Internet Security) everything ran just fine. But now, it takes up to 5X longer for pages to load. What to do? Seems like an awful expensive lesson, just to find that it STILL doesn't work up to expectations. Any (constructive) help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.

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Hi Rixxter, welcome to the forum

Some other Q in addition to what stapp posted

- what is a platform?;

- what other security is in place?;

- what additional layer of security you are using as a whole and regarding the browser?;

- indeed as stapp correctly pointed - what is the browser? Have you tried an alternative one?;

- as for PCT abbreviation - most likely that's PC Tools (if that's wrong please reply), but have you uninstalled "PCT" properly?;

That's not the obvious case, as a matter of fact, and many users do have issues when & if their previous FireWall (FW) was not uninstalled properly;

- plus, please confirm that the native MS FW is disabled properly as well

- and additional Q, since some users are complaining about win7 x64 SP1.

So, was that the case before or after the installation of SP1 or that does not apply?

There could be much more questions until more info is supplied, but

... everything has slowed down again. Most applications run fine
That is quite ambiguous statement for my taste. What do you think?

My regards

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While waiting to receive the needed system information, I would bring to the OP's attention that in the past some users claimed that turning Web Shield off solved all their "slow Intenet surfing" issues.

I hope this could help.



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