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Move Device(s) to Workspace?

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Hi All,

My first post. 🤓

After a bit of a search, I thought I would ask here, if it is at all possible - though, I have a feeling, probably not.

The small business I work for, started using EMSISOFT for a few years now, which I use myself personally. Using the my.emsisoft Managment Console, I setup initially, in a bit of a rush, but, now starting to understand this environment a little more, I would like to rearrange our Workspace(s).

I have 1x Workspace (Office01), but, placed all our desktop and laptop's in ome place, but, I am thinking of creating another Workspace (Mobile Devices), for all laptops, smartphones, etc., so I can apply different settings for that space.

So my question, if I set up a new Workspace, can I move individual devices (laptops), into that space, at all? 💻

I guess what I was hoping to acheive, is:  'Office' workspace, for all our desktop PC's, and, 'Mobile' workspace, for all mobile devices.

Many thanks for any advice!

EDIT:  Thu 26/08/2021, 1500

Sorry, I shoul have mentioned, I have actually 2x Workspaces created, with mixed devices in them, and it's those workspaces I would like to try and make, Office and Mobile, respectively.  🙏

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you said you created two workspaces, do you have 2 license keys and assigned each of them to a workspace ?

Ideally you have one workspace and one license and create different protection policy groups for your desktop and laptop devices.

Emsisoft Mobile Security that runs on your smartphones cannot be connected to a workspace.

I hope this helps

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