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How Do I Reset OA To My New Computer?

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My old laptop more or less "died" a few weeks ago, so I bought a new one. My OA Premium license was expiring also, so I bought a new 3 year license yesterday. But the license key does not activate it on my new laptop, and on My Licenses page my obsolete laptop still appears -I can see that by the name- and the new license is valid for that one, not for my new one yet.

On My Licenses page it says:

"Your key has been used on the maximum number of computers. If you want to transfer your key to a new computer, then click the remove installation icon next to the appropriate install. Please note: this action cannot be undone."

I don't understand what exactly is meant by "click the remove installation icon next to the appropriate install."

My dysfunctional laptop only still works somewhat in safe mode, and I checked to remove OA Premium from it, but it looks like it is not installed on it anymore, I must have removed it already some time ago when I downloaded/installed OA Premium on my new laptop.

How do I go about this?

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Did you enter the license key into OA using the Register link shown in the screenshot here? http://www.online-armor.com/webhelp3/General.html

Are you trying to activate using the new license key or the old one? If you are trying to activate using the old one, then you need to remove the existing (obsolete) installation from the User Area to allow you to activate it on the new computer :)

Or did you mean that you renewed your license (and so kept the existing license key) rather than bought a whole new license?

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Thank you catprincess.

It looks like I made a mess of things. My previous license had not expired yet on my dying laptop, and I installed the trial version on my new one. This trial version expires in 3 days. Some time ago I paid for a 3 year renewal -€59- but on my User Account Overview page it says: "License number 1 expires in 338 days" and under Licenses: "License start: 2/6/2011, License end: 2/7/2012"

I received a license key with my order, and that is the one I tried to use. Then I saw that the PC name on the order was still for my previous laptop.

I don't have the e-mail anymore with the license key. Accidentally I deleted it together with other e-mails, and emptied the waste basket.

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