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Format Factory uninist.exe Trojan.StartPage!IK


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Hello all, just a heads up/query as to a recent scan result with asquared Emergency Kit scan. It is reporting the uninstaller executable of Format Factory by Formatoz as "Trojan.StartPage!IK" it looks like the Ikarus engine picking it up, heuristics off .

Now i can`t remember as iv`e had it installed a while but i do think the ASK toolbar is bundled with the installer so maybe the uninstaller reverts the home page back to default (this could be why it`s being triggered).

Iv`e submitted it as a false positive via the interface because if said file is deleted/quarantined you could run into problems if you wish to uninstall.

Just thought i`d post this so you are aware of the issue, and whether or not you consider this a false positive?

Virus total link---- VirusTotal



p.s. Detected on operating systems Windows 7 32Bit and 64Bit (not that it should make any difference)

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