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Scan results with malware

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For several weeks, each time Emsisoft scans my computer it comes back with results that show that my Brave browser has the following malware - "Adware.JS.Heur.popunder.4.Gen.[alphanumeric].Gen.(B)". There are always 6 of them with a different set of alphanumeric number in the brackets. There are not any actual brackets. I have them deleted and they are gone for awhile if I rescan but then come back. If possible, is there is a recurring program putting this back in that I can remove or just a website putting it in. Anyway to get Emsisoft to detect this when it occurs as opposed to just during a weekly scan? Does anyone know what this is actually doing? Thanks!

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Thank you for the reply. I don't mean to be presumptuous, but isn't this what Emsisoft is supposed to be doing. Shouldn't the product I'm paying money for be catching this before it gets on my computer and shouldn't it be removing, not just the infection, but the possible file in the browser cache now or even better preventing it from getting on there in the first place. If a free piece of add-on software can stop this why can't a sophisticated paid product?? Thanks again.

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No AV solution monitors what is executed inside the browser.  That is not only a massive violation of privacy, it presents security issues.  JavaScript never executes outside of the browser.  If the JavaScirpt performs a file operation such as initiating a download or examining files on the drive we would intercept that activity.

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