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How do I disable the Auto-trust feature?

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Lately I have been astonished at how much gets past my HIPS when I am installing from trusted sources. Sure that makes Windows update 300x's simpler and less likely to screw up and makes installing known trusted programs a breeze, but at what cost? This is essentially a potential backdoor into my system, and I don't like that. Plus I feel as if I hand over too much control to OA, kind of like it is on auto-pilot deciding for me what is safe and what isn't.

Doing a Windows update is the perfect example of this. As you update, you see the pop-up notification telling you This and That is trusted, and it installs without asking you anything.

Is there a way to turn this feature off? I just looked over my options and I think I may have found the cause. 'Use Online Armor whitelist'. I assume this is where all the auto-trusting is coming from? If I disable this, would there be any point to having the Oasis lookup enabled? And would this solve my problem?

Thanks for any help!

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