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Help please ransomware

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Just got a ransomware and I have been trying to get rid of it for hours. It has caused my computer to give me a notification that my computer will restart in a minute followed by a black screen with the only thing visible is my cursor and just goes on endlessly. All my files have “.rugi” at the end of them which I was able to see when I entered safe mode.  

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Hello @Mark Frank

Let's make sure of what we're dealing with. Please copy/paste all lines of the results of this test into a reply to this email if you need further help.

Please visit the following website and upload both an encrypted file (between 256KB and 2MB in size would be best) and a ransom note simultaneously for proper identification, and send me the information it provides:


Please be sure to read the information link on the results page, as whether we have a decrypter or not. Sometimes someone else's decrypter is listed, or other information is available that might be useful for recovery.

While it is very rare that it helps, you might try undelete software, or if your files are very important it may be worth talking to a company that specializes in ransomware negotiation, and will communicate in your behalf with the criminals that created the ransomware.

Exercise a bit of caution when looking for a company to help, though. Generally speaking, if a company claims to be able to decrypt files that were encrypted by a type of ransomware for which no decryption tool is publicly available, that company is probably just going to pay the ransom and charge you more than you would have paid if you had dealt with the criminals directly. Better is to search for companies who specialize in ransomware negotiation.

If the identification process shows a ransomware that is not decryptable, there is nothing else we can do. We do not recommend paying the ransom unless there is absolutely no other choice.

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