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Emsisoft Browser Security - Microsoft Edge vs uBlock Origin


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Up front, to be honest, I have not read all about Emsisoft Browser Security. 
The Emsisoft Browser Security is active and it is displayed in the browser toolbar, next to uBlock Origin.

The combo works together nicely and I have never had any questions.

I stumbled over a problem of site that is constantly showing a pop-up. It is good site, about Microsoft Excel, tips and tricks, a blog and a forum etc.

I sent them a mail asking how to get rid of this pop-up and they answered it had something to do with cookies. OTOH the site has no way to 'accept' cookies, like most other sites.
After checking (Edge in developer mode, F12 > Console)  I noticed that a number of tracking cookies were blocked access to store data.
"Tracking Prevention blocked access to storage for..." (etc)
"Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT"...

I then had VirusTotal check a few URLs and they were fine.
Probably uBlock Origin is blocking a site named I.sharethis.com

Above as background.

Comes in Emsisoft Browser Security:  if I were to disable uBlock Origin on that site, would then Emsisoft take over and to what extend are these tools overlapping?
So far there was never need to compare both products: they worked together nicely. Maybe it has always been 'overdone', I don't know.

Thank you.



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Hello @emwul64,


Welcome to the Emsisoft Support Forums.

The Emsisoft Browser Security extension focuses on blocking phishing sites, and sites that are actively distributing malware.

The behavior you are describing it uBlock Origin doing what is was designed to do.  By default, uBlock Origin blocks everything, unless it is whitelisted.

The blocking of cookies may be both Edge and uBlosk Origin.

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