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Is there a way to remove uninstall left overs?


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Tried to update Emsisoft, update didn't work. Emsisoft showed up with funny colours.
So I decided to uninstall it.
It is not in the program list, but after reboot, taskbar-icon and desktop-icon are still there.
Running EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup64.msi didn't work out: Emsisoft detected an installed version.

Any tool that may remove all leftovers, so I can perform a fresh install?




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Thanks. I could launch Emsisoft from taskbar-icon, even though it was 'uninstalled' and not showing in the programs list.
Also this time update Emsisoft went fine, at least.. it looks that way. The GUI still looked like above.
Funny, updating a non-installed program.

Anyway, I'll do the emsiclean and see what happens.
Thanks again.

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To resolve this issue requires a change in the hardware acceleration used by the EAM UI.

IMPORTANT: This is an emergency workaround only.

  • Shut down protection by right-clicking on the green shield icon in the tray.

  • Open the Emsisoft program folder and find skin.ini (or create it if it does not exist)

  • Add the following to skin.ini:



  • Save the skin.ini to the Emsisoft Program Folder

  • Start EAM via start menu

This will set the UI to use the WARP renderer, which partially uses hardware acceleration.

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Wait ...!

Not sure whether Emsisoft support is to blame here.

This matter has been solved in the a direct communication (PM/Mail).
In my case it had something to do with hardware acceleration.
Adding lines [General] and renderer=WARP  to skin.ini solved it, see post above.
Maybe it had something to do with Emsisoft having "Redesigned user interface"(??)

Anyway, after the matter was solved, I guess both Emsisoft and I went on and more or less forgot about this thread.
Probably, as TS, I should have posted the solution.



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