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Re-adding stalled EMSI Endpoints failing

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I have a few EMSI Business Security installations which seem to have stalled wih the Sep. update. (which seems to not have gone through. EMSI is on 2021.8.0.11131.

Perhaps it's the current hickup with the EMC, but I'm not able to reactivate the EMSI Business Security Clients (Win10 20H2 64bit) in the workspace.
When I enter the credentials in a EMSI Client, a Code is sent via E-Mail. When entering the code, nothing happens. The code field stays. When entering the code again, the error message "invalid sessions" appears.

Complete de-installation is not working. Removed only the shortcuts/folder in the Startmenu. The cleaning tool is prevented too. Using a installation file via the Workspace not working. EmsisoftAntiMalwareWebSetup is showing no activity. The full installation package are correctly indicating that a installation is already existing. So it's a bit kafkaesque.

Is the behavior known? Any workaround?



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On 11/6/2021 at 4:00 PM, jedsiem said:

I did disable the services of EMSI and rebooted. After i was able to remove EMSI via deinstallation and EMSIClean. After that I was able to reinstall EMSI.


Thanks for your feedback on this.

Unfortunately we are unable to analyze what happened and i assume those machines sit on the delayed update feed;



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