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Well no one has reported one that I can remember!

Perhaps just put it into the OA exclusions list as you would do with any other security software.

Let us know how you get on and welcome to the forums :)

thanks :)

but if you were me, which one would you prefer F-secure or nod32

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Personal opinions often don't help. One person is a Kaspersky-Fanboy because he never ever used anything different, the other one only wants free AV-software and therefore can't help you with paid AV-solutions and so on. Everyone would suggest you another product and you would not know which one to choose.

It's better to gain knowledge by testing them on your own. But still: I can provide you some links which could help you in your decision: *click* *click* *click* *click*

My opinion: Both ESET (NOD32) and F-Secure have good products. There won't be much difference between them (regarding your protection against malware). ESET could be your choice if you have a slow PC because it has very good performance results in tests. If you are a more advanced user: You have more possiblities to configure ESET than F-Secure (installation and scans). F-Secure could slow down your boot routine a bit (not that some seconds really matter) but has better detection-results sometimes. In the end it's actually all about usability and ease of use: Try both of them and choose by yourself. :)

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Good advice from Pilis!

Pilis makes a good point about the hardware specs. If a machine is not particularly fast/modern then most anti-virus products will inevitably cause that machine to run more slowly than its modern counterparts. Although this may not be a desirable scenario from the end-user's point of view, it means that if you choose a competing or similar product that runs faster (consumes less resources), although you may benefit from a performance increase you may not benefit from better secueity.

As Pilis also says, relying on others for opinions about this is not the best way to determine what is best. Do your own research - look at independent tests, not tests sponsored by a competing or winning product. Install trials on your computer and see how it runs when you use each for a couple of weeks (making sure you completely uninstall them when you have finished so no left-overs can interfere with anything you install later).

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You may want to read the fine print ...

Please link only to our main site www.av-comparatives.org.

We do not allow to host our test reports/documents on other sites without our permission.

If you find anything on other sites, please inform the forum/site admin to remove it.

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