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OA gui interface hangs up on IE ADD-ONs tab

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I have OA 4.5..... with Avg2011 anti-virus Free running on an Compaq Presario dual core Vista sp2. A month ago I upgraded from OA 3.x to Free.

Everything is fine except that just today I went into the OA user screen and selected IE ADD-ONs. The respoonse was a "Initializing IE ADD ONs Page, Please wait." Since it never completed (the machine was in almost a coomplete wait state )it essentially hung up the OA screen and the whole machine. Once every couple of minutes one of the other programs would respond for just one keyboard/mouse action and then "go back to sleep."

Previous to this, all of the other OA user screens worked just fine.

Rebooting took several hours, including 2-3 forced power offs, since the machine seemed to go into a wait state for 20 minutes or so during boot up (that being the longest I waited for something that normally completes in 2 minutes) and before any desk top icons or any thing else appeared on the screen. Eventually on about the 4th - 5th reboot, the machine went into a heavy hd i/o process for quite a few minutes but did finally complete rebooting. After one successful re-boot, I tried to open the User interface gui, and immediately it went back to retry to display the IE ADD-ONs once again, and again hanging up the machine.

Now I seem to have two problems with the user interface:

1) every (usually?) time I start it up, it reverts to the last previous display,

2) the IE ADD-ONs display function hangs up the user interface, since you cannot terminate htat particular display, and makes all the application programs using the internet to go into "not responding" for minutes on end. Periodically the other programs will respond to just a single keyboard interaction.

So now, essentially, I have no OA user control interface.

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Hi ses6239,

Have you added all your security software with real-time guard (Avg2011, etc) to the OA's exclusions list and vice versa?



First, I cannot get into the OA user interface because it just wants to display the IE ADDons and when it does it hangs up the whole machine.

Second, there is no visa-versa, unless you can enlighten me.

Once again, I may have to switch firewalls to get around a bug in my firewall. I am using Online .Armor now only because Zone Alarm had a bug in it 2 years ago that made it incompatible with Firefox.

I'm not the only person that has compatibility problems with Online Armor, just take a look at the long list of complaints at One would think that Tall Emu would be a bit more proactive in eliminating the bugs. I'll be filing a review at shortly.

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Tall Emu sold Online Armor to Emsisoft some time ago.

If you can access the GUI long enough to rerun the Safety Check Wizard from the Main Menu, it may help to fix your issue. If that doesn't help, you could try rerunning the installer and choosing "Upgrade install" when prompted. Sometimes this can repair things when an odd issue arises.

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