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Impossible to renew my ONLINE ARMOR PREMIUM license

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I've purchased a two years license for Online Armor Premium back in march 2009.

Contacted EMSISOFT support center on 17th to get my credentials for the customer center.

Advised me to log in at http://www.online-armor.com/renewals.php#info with those username and password.

I've tried to log in but I did not succeed.

Every time I click on log in I get a "NOT POSSIBLE TO CONNECT TO REMOTE SERVER" error message.

I tried it on two different web browser (Opera 11.1 and Mozilla Firefox 3.6.15).Mind that javascript is enabled on that site.

Sent a message to support on 18th but no reply yet.

Is there any other way to renew my license (my license ending today)?

Any chance that EMSISOFT can extend my license a few days more not to have my computer unprotected while we try to sort things out

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Just looked at it again Christian.

If I left click on the work 'link' then I get the login but if I middle click on it to open the link in a new tab, it just opens the same page.

I wonder if this is what the user did?

Anyway I can login using the other link I gave, hopefully he can too.

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Hi Christian

Nice to talk with you again

I've tried opening both pages several times on different days...might try on a different computer .

http://www.online-armor.com/renewals.php#info when I left click on LOG IN a pop up windows shows up.

Every time I left click on Submit I get a "NOT POSSIBLE TO CONNECT TO REMOTE SERVER" error message.

https://www.online-armor.com/user_area.php every time I try to open it I get the same error

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Good news

I made a try with a different computer that has G DATA INTERNET SECURITY .

Logged in at http://www.online-armor.com/renewals.php#info successfully and renewed my license .

By the way I had some trouble activating the new license key.

Activation program hanged so I had to kill it and restart the OS to succeed.

The back then I had to restart one more time to get it correctly detected by Windows 7 operations center

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