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please add my offline id

Sahil AR

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There is a detailed guide here, but if you don’t want to read a lot of text, then I will briefly summarize the essence.

There are 't1' characters at the end of the identifier, this usually means that the 'offline ID' is being used and the files can be decrypted in the future when the decryption key for this variant is loaded into the 'Emsisoft Decryptor'. This event depends on the voluntary transfer of the key by someone who bought the key from the extortionists. This may happen or may never happen. Then it will be added to the Decryptor and will allow anyone with the same variant to decrypt the files without paying the ransom.

The appearance of a new key is not reported anywhere. The work is done every day. It is recommended to save the encrypted files on an external drive, download the 'Emsisoft Decryptor' once a week and check the decryption capability.

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