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Trace.Registry.Net Spy Pro 4.6!A2 - No delete / No quarantine

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Hi quintby and welcome to the forum.

1) Please read Posting Rules and provide details about your system as in # 2)

2) Posting just the file name or the alleged infection name does not provide any information

The location of the files / precise names of files and/or Registry Entries ; processes, etc. are required. The same applies to the detections names. All that info should be in the saved report produced by a-squared.

3) As for investigating the matter read the reply in this thread including subsequent links and the [Sticky] referred there regarding quarantining/deleting

4) Traces are not necessarily represent danger especially if there are no associated files.

We don't know that from your post

Please read Spyware Traces in Detail and Search old forum – there are tons of information about Traces

5) If you received the massage from a-squared about inability to quarantine/delete and/or you are experiencing problems and having the symptoms of system's misbehaviour then read the following

6) Finally,

That's it. Is this my cue to buy the un-free version?

Can you please formulate your question clearly?

Sure it is highly recommended to have Anti-Malware Suite since it is a full fledged Antivirus solution with the highest rate of detection on the market. Plus it has other important additional layers of protection....

So basically, the answer is – Yes, but the answer cannot be based just on the name of alleged infection you posted in the subject line... but speaking about the on-demand scanner only - you have the same scanner in your free edition as it is in the full Suite edition.

My regards

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