Emsisoft Emergency Kit Download Problem!

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Hello everybody!!

I'm a WinXP SP3 user and unfortunately I'm forced to connect to the web with a damn slow dial-up connection (no broadband where I live now here in Italy).

Yesterday I decided to download the EMSISOFT EMERGENCY KIT file with Free Download Manager but, once the download has ended (it took me about 7 hours to do so), the file turned out to be corrupted (in fact, whenever I doubleclick on the .exe file, it generates the message "The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted").

Now, I understood that your EEK zip file changes on your server several times a day every time new signatures are released, causing the corrupt download if it takes too long to download it....right?

So, to avoid this hitch, I would be very grateful if somebody here could be so kind to upload the latest EEK zip file to a location where it's not automatically changed and then post or better still PM me the LINK where the zip file is located!!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers from Italy!!


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We've made a copy of the latest pack for you:

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and sorry if I reply to you just now but I've been away from home for a while.

OK I'm downloading the above file tonight.

Just a question for you: do I have to UPDATE the Emergency KIT program as much as the Emsisoft Antimalware Software?

I'm asking you this silly question because, due to my slow connection, I had lots of troubles to update your Emsisoft Antimalware Software program in the past, since your update signatures were sometimes even bigger than the SW itself.

Can't wait to hear from you.

Best Regards!!

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Hi Giovanni,

It's recommended to update EAM-free edition and EEK as frequent as possible

Currently if 50 (previously it was just 15) subsequent differential updates are missed - you'll get whole set of signatures which is ~ 86MB

The differential updates are basically small - around 100KB or so in average.

Could be bigger especially during signatures clean up, but that is quite rare and in that case you may receive, say 9MB (just an example - not a precise figure).

In addition please read this request and the answer by Fabian Wosar

My regards

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