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Cat4er ransomware

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Мy files were encrypted. File extension *.Cat4er.
I didn't find any information at all.



All files including videos, photos and documents on your computer are encrypted by Cat4er ransomware.
File decryption costs money.<p>

In order to decrypt the files, you need to perform the following steps:<p>
1. You should download and install this browser: <strong> https://www.torproject.org/download/</strong><p>
2. After installation, run the browser and enter the address: <strong>b6eiwvxyjjsiesbtimdyaif6dzmnxepq5ye7j4g6tejw3k56fqehrbyd.onion</strong><p>
3. Follow the instructions on the web-site. We remind you that the sooner you do, the more chances are left to recover the files.<p>

Guaranteed recovery is provided within 10 days.<p>

You should enter the personal code on the tor site.<p>
Your Personal CODE: <p><strong>CCD001009E36323D54B531B22D48392B4B671200</p></strong>


Please help with the decryption.

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it`s "Tripoli".



We have identified "Tripoli". This ransomware is still under analysis.

Please refer to the appropriate topic for more information. Samples of encrypted files and suspicious files may be needed for continued investigation.

Identified by:

  • ransomnote_filename: HOW_FIX_FILES.htm


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@Lokky.VC Unfortunately, Tripoli encrypted files cannot be decrypted using third-party tools.

There's the possibility that law enforcement may be able to catch the criminals and release their database of private keys, allowing for the development of a decryption tool.

We do not recommend paying the ransom unless there is absolutely no other choice. 22% of those who paid a ransom never got access to their data. 9% said they got hit with additional ransom demands after paying. We’re talking about criminals, after all.

Our recommendation is to save a backup of your encrypted files and keep it in a safe place in case decryption is possible at some point in the future.

Please review our Protection Guides at your leisure, they contain several tips on protecting your computer and data. https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/category/protection-guides/

We also recommend keeping an eye on BleepingComputer's newsfeed, as they will usually report on new developments with ransomware decrypters: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/

If you have an RSS feed reader, then they also have an RSS feed so that you don't have to manually check for news: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/feed/

Please consider subscribing to a reliable anti-malware application to avoid similar issues in the future.

You can get our full version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware here: https://www.emsisoft.com/en/pricing/

I know it’s a big loss for you. We are glad to offer this service for free and help as much as we can, but there is not always an immediate resolution for all the cases.

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