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The average up- and download speed is shown in those columns.

I don't know how long the applications are running, the shown numbers could be correct?

total inbound and outbound is incorrect

i had seen this for at least 10 minutes

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I have also had lots of problems with the Firewall Status window, from missing programs to under-reported Down/Up speeds and under-reported total Downloaded/Uploaded, all suggesting that some data is bypassing the firewall.

I even have blocked programs appearing in green and uploading data, which if true, would be a complete security failure of the firewall, although, I hope this is just incorrect reporting by the Firewall Status window.

Unfortunately, when Emsisoft weren't ignoring me, the best advice I got was to "wait and see" with version 5.

Hopefully, now that they have finished developing, and have released, version 5, and have time to work on fixing errors/bugs and they can see that the problem still exists in the latest version and there are several different people/machines with the problem, they will now take a look at fixing it.


Tyler - Are you sure that the information is now displaying correctly? Has Firefox really only uploaded and downloaded a combined total of under 20KB? That would be what, a very small webpage with only 1 or 2 small images? Also, although your download manager is reporting a download speed of over 400KB/s, OA only shows 92KB/s. Finally, assuming that you can get correct information at some point, can you work out what happens to make it start reporting incorrectly? (It never reports correctly on this machine)

Thank you.

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Actually there's something wrong with the Firewall Status.

I've been checking it for a while now and I just noted this:

The table in the middle of the status panel (the one showing programs that have created connections on your computer) shows wrong values for eMule: both the download speed and amount of data are not real.

The "download speed" for eMule should have been 33.00 KB/s - not 980 KB/s!!

As a consequence also the amount of data reported by OA is totally wrong.

Upload speed is correct.

However, I think this does not happen often... only sometimes.

System Info:

Win XP Pro SP3

Online Armor Free

Avast! Free 6.0.1091

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I have a similar situation but with the "Uploaded" and "Up speed" columns; in my case after having Skype open without chatting or making any video calls for 15 minutes racked up an "Uploaded" value of 138GB on a connection with at best 1Mbps. Originally I wanted to check this data to gauge how much bandwidth my computer was using in the background but obviously this can't be the case.

The download fields seem to be correct and so do the graphs at the top of the screen.

I should say that this has been a problem every time I've looked at the Firewall Status screen, even after restarting the program and my computer.

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