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OADump.exe in History at each boot / OA 5

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Every time I restart my system, OA shows this entry: OADump.exe

I have not experienced any blue screen and "C:\WINDOWS\Minidump" folder is empty.

No pop-ups, just that "OADump.exe" entry in History at each boot.

Seems like OA forgets each time about that component.

Hidden Proccess Detection is enabled.

Learning Mode doesn't help.

OADump.exe is not present in Programs nor in Autoruns.



System Info:

Windows XP Pro SP3

OA 5 Free / Clean install

Avast! Free 6 AV

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I think this is what the history is reacting to, although I'm not sure if it needs to be displayed every time :)

Exactly. It never showed up in the History of the old version. Do you think it could be a bug?

By the way, could you please check your History at the next boot? You may need to enable Hidden Proccess Detection first.

Thanks so much,


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I see the entry in History also. I'm not sure if it's bug. It may just be intentionally recording it. History records a lot more events in v5 than it did with v4 (and entries are not always the result of a direct user decision). I'm sure someone will take a look though :)

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Thank you very much, catprincess.

I think it could be a (little) bug related to the Hidden Proccess Detection...

Anyway, let me know if you want me to post this question under the "Online Armor 5.0" thread so that some of the devs could take a look...



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Thanks for the report Nick :) It seems to occur for me regardless of whether Hidden Process Detection is enabled or not. I will see that it gets reported to Emsisoft.

It does happen whether hidden process detection is ticked or not.

Been happening for months in beta builds.

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