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Online Armor "kills" itself?


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Good afternoon!

I have recently installed Online Armor 4.5 Free on my computer - because of the Avast! problem...

Now, on the third day, it "killed" itself, blocked lots of system files at startup, didn't let me allow things etc. - and Avast! Web Shield was turned off - it's module was disabled so I couldn't enable it...

I had to reinstall both of them in safe mode and now - after 3 hours of waiting - they are working.

I had a similar problem some weeks ago, when I started a program, a system crash occurred and Online Armor's User Interface didn't want to start, blocked everything I tried to start - including it's own executables.

I checked my system with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Avast! and SUPERAntiSpyware but no results.

When it started after reinstalling and activated itself, it didn't finish learning mode. I rebooted and it's working.

Should I try to install the newest version of Online Armor (5.0)

What could I do? I don't want to reinstall them 2-3 times a week.

Thank you.

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This problem may occur when Avast! is not in the Exclusions list of OA and OA is not in the Exclusions list of Avast! File System Shield. However, I suppose you have already set those exclusions.

Ok, I added each other to the exclusion lists. Thank you.

I'll report back if anything strange happens.

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I'm running the 4.5 version of Online Armor, but when I last checked the website (online-armor.com), I saw that the latest version is 4.5

I think I let the current version do its job, I hope it won't wreck my system again...

Oh and when I started my computer, at boot, before I could log in, a message appeared with the blue background: "Várjon..." - it means "Wait...". I had to wait about 5-6 seconds and then I could log in and everything loaded correctly. I hope this isn't a bad sign.

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