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Keep Getting this DLL Flagged?

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Hi All,

I keep getting one DLL flagged, I've submitted it as a possible false positive a few times already. See here http://screencast.com/t/gWPlpvDj

Does anyone have a clue what CVTMAINCTRL/NATIVEMAINENUM.DLL is for? I can't find any information on it when I search Google.

I quarantined it (and was told I needed a reboot to remove) & on reboot, it was deleted BUT then every reboot afterwards it comes up file missing.

I restored it from quarantine and now the boot is clean.

Can anyone tell me about this DLL & why EAM Free is flagging it? Everything is up to date, did an update just prior to the scan of EAM.

Thanks much,


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Hi Steve,

Please resend the flagged item to the developers by e-mail (I'm sure you know how)

There are many system files here that ended with "enum.DLL", but nothing like what you posted.

In addition the screencast link supplied is not accessible (probably you've made a typo)

My regards

p.s. Enum[eration] is a common procedure of naming values in different lists, say list of existing Devices

What is flagged in your case can be very specific to you hardware/software configuration and the library belongs to the Software that only you have.

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Hi Lynx,

I just tried the screencast link again & it works from the forum My Error

anyways as I posted enum.DLL and when I search my Windows 7 X64 system SP1, I find nothing with enum.dll

As advised I'll resend again, maybe because it's a weekend, they will see it during the week



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Hi again Steve,

1st this time the link worked. Thanks

as for <CVTMAINCTRL/NATIVEMAINENUM.DLL> in your initial message - different "slash" ;)

Then I posted about "enumS.dllS" scanning XP - 25 entries

Now I Searched Win 7 x64 - 12 entries. At least you should have devenum.dll in \system32\ and in \SysWOW64\, have you?

Well, anyway since you've resent file by e-mail, I'm sure you'll get an answer from the developers

But in addition you can have a look at the Properties of NativeMainEnum.dll

and other files in \CvtMainCtrl\ folder if any.

That may help to find out the Software vendor; the component; and why it' needed on sys Startup/Reboot

Finally, I would think twice in any case before quarantining any "enum.Dll", since whether it's FP or real threat it may need different way of removal - therefore you had issues on Reboot


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I qued up on the Malware removal forum here & ShadowPuterDude worked with me on the problem. Then I had a friend stop over who is a Malware Removal Expert, he picked up where ShawdowPuterDude left off & ran 3,4 or 5 other programs sometimes more than once and then ran a log clean-up utility at the end to clean all the stuff he installed in the removal process. EAM full scan runs with NO errors now...


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