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help me decrypt .phad file 

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16 minutes ago, motilalsoni said:

Hello Sir


Can you please help me decrypt .phad file 


Variant offline ID: dvQHMo0IXSevQni9AAQQ1xZ9UBSuYArpJOjiLLt1

Looks like a new STOP variant. You have an offline id. Thus your files were likely encrypted by an offline key. You will be able to get them decrypted WHEN/IF Emsisoft is donated the offline/private key by a victim that has paid the ransomers.  There is no way of telling when that will happen  - it may be never.

For now, you should run the Emsisoft decrypter on some of your encrypted files every week or so to check. Emsisoft does not announce STOP key donations. 

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