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Unknown Item in Domains List


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I noticed that the OA shield icon was gone from my tray, and no matter what I tried I couldn't get it back on there. Only the Firewall status monitor was on it. I had also seen a to me unknown item in the OA Domains list: "pc_van_hans." I live in Holland and this is Dutch meaning "the pc of hans", "hans" being a male name. Yet I don't know any hans let alone his pc... but it is checked as "Trusted."

Anyway, I used a recently made image backup I had saved on an external drive, and the OA shield is back on the tray. But the "pc of hans" is there also, so it was already on my laptop when I made the image.

Maybe "hans'pc" is something completely legitimate belonging to some software I am using, but I have no idea what it could be. I have not blocked it (yet), although I found no info on it anywhere.

I have the option -besides blocking- to delete it from the Domains list, but will that also remove it from my laptop? Or only from the list, so I will be asked again by OA for my decision in case something on my laptop related to "pc_van_hans" would seek access to that domain? Or vice versa?

I don't see that name on my Internet connections list with 12 wireless connections, but maybe I should use the WPA2 option.


I just set my connection to WPA2. Maybe "hans" is one of those 12 neighbours in my vicinity.

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Thank you! I had not thought of checking there.

It does indeed appear in that list besides my own router. This is the info (sitecom is mine):

-, CO-CB-38-2F-46-63 - Wireless networkconnection

... 192.168.001, 00-0C-F6-51-18-BB (sitecomwl312.sitecomwl312) <networkpoint/router> (Status: ? Unknown -light bulb)

... 192.168.101, 00-19-D2-83-54-40 (pc_van_hans) (Status: ? Unknown -no light bulb)

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It would seem to be a neighbours computer then. I'm not sure what sort of internet connection you have, but if all the people in your close proximity are using a shared connection of some sort, you'd see all your neighbours computers. The best thing to do would be to just untick the Trust box under Firewall -> Interfaces. This will ensure that none of your neighbours computers can connect to yours. If you have computers of your own that you need to connect to each other, you can right click them in Firewall -> Computers and select Trust to allow this :)

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I have a laptop with wireless connection to a router, which is connected to a modem. So that other connection (pc_van_Hans) must be of a neighbor who is -was- somehow connected to my wireless signal and laptop. I have no other connections.

That Windows connections list of those 12 signals are the totality of signals in my vicinity, but mine is accessible only to me now because I have applied WPA2 since my above post.

On the OA Interfaces list only appears 192.168.100, which includes only mine and hans' connections.

I just changed his connection on my Computers list to "Not trusted."

Rests only one question: If I remove "pc_van_hans" from my Domains list, does that only remove it from that list or also from my laptop?

(For now I blocked it also on my Domains list.)

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