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PC freezes when opening Google notification mail within Outlook

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When opening specific Google notification mails within Outlook my system freezes.
It takes roughly 30-40 seconds to actually open the mail. Roughly at the end of this 30-40 seconds the Outlook title bar says '... not responding'.
During this process only the borders of the outside box are being displayed, rest is transparent.
This is with Google Help Community notifications only.

Within the notifications there are some 5 URL's: the usual ones, like [Reply] [Unsubscribe]  but also links to sender's avatar and email.
All links are as follows

1. When hovering over the URLs, they start with: https-notifications.google.com/blah blah 
2. However, when copied to clipboard, the URLs read: https-emea01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/blah blah

Am using Office 365 (subscription) on Windows 10 X64 with Outlook on Exchange basis (reason for this 'emea01.safelinks.protection)

My guess is that the URL's are being checked, causing the delay.
I did try Emsisoft > Disable all components, but still can't tell: some notifications (same subject) loaded fast, others were slow.
Not sure whether Emsisoft is involved here.

Any suggestions?


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